Positively Pregnant 

Positively Pregnant!! 

My journey to a Fit and Healthy  Pregnancy! 


Pregnancy. Doctors. Check ups. Paranoia. Excessively worrying. Plus of course, any of the other pregnancy sickness or discomforts I may or may not experience. 
The though of having a new born doesnt scare me, late nights, early mornings, no sleep, having two children doesn’t really scare me. However, 

To be completely honest, the thought of being pregnant really scares me. The overwhelming amount of paranoia and worry is the hardest part for me. Runner up in the scare factor is the hospital and labor. It’s as if I didn’t go thru labor one time already lol, I think I’m more nervous this time around. Kind of weird and backwards. I’m not even sure exactly what scares me ?!?! I’m sure I’ll eventually figure it out within these next couple of months 

☺️ somehow I gained courage to make the decision of having a second child. Thanks to , my dad, he has been asking me “hey when are you going to have another grandchild of mine, I want another” 😊😳It’s a littler weird to hear my dad said that, but I know he means well, he’s always make me feel good when he says how proud my mother would be of what kind of mother I’ve become if she was here, and of course talking to my dad, I let him know all my worries and fears more, so he was convincing me how tough I am….Sure sure dad, I’m tough all around, I have a hard outer shell , I’m not scared of much, but put me at the doctors and I’m a full out baby lol..I made my final decision when my brother sent me old family picture. Seeing my mom and us three kids gave me the courage I needed. The confidence came flooding in, like heck yes! I can do this and I can handle anything! 💕-Rest in paradise, drinking tropical drinks under an umbrella watching the Dolphins Mom! 
Now to the positive side. 

The extreme emotions while pregnant are wild lol.
I’m so excited for this pregnancy. My first pregnancy, I was young, it was unexpected. We had no clue what to expect. Which is obviously normal for a first born. 

I’m so excited to go they the weekly/monthly milestones, while watching my belly grow and I grow a tiny little human in there. Still, that’s a crazy crazy miracle ! 
My first pregnancy, m start weight was 118 and I ended up in the 170’s 😱

My diet consisted of 

-pizza -friend tacos -Mac and cheese – grilled cheese -candy -fast food -a few some what healthy meals,eh maybe 

My activity level was none. Beside basic life things obviously. I was a little depressed, and felt alone, losing my mom at 16 years old, and find out I’m pregnant at 20, I just wanted my mom. So to say, I slept A LOT!! My son is 4 now, and I am in a completely different place in life. Physically and mentally!! Thanks to him, I owe him everything to who I am today. 💕

Being a personal trainer and specializing in fitness nutrition. Working out 6 days a week and living a healthy lifestyle for the past couple years have been the best things I could have done. 
Just because I’m pregnant, it will not be an excuse like last time, besides the fact, my body would go into complete shock if I ate like that again, and I would go 100% bonkers if I were to be lazy and not workout. 
I plan on continuing my Nutrition, with only a few changes , and working out 5-6 days a week as my doctors says I can. I plan on being my very tired my first trimester, so the workout days may be limited for a bit and not as long. However , I will be trying my hardest!! 👌👍
Like I said before, I’m just extremely excited and anxious to see the difference of pregnancy 1 and 2. 
I plan on blogging each week, or every other week of pregnancy! 
Tracking workouts, meals, moods and symptoms!!
Other pregnant Mommas feels free to connect !! 



  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! I know what you mean about the feelings you have when your pregnant and balancing that with trying to eat right and do right by your body and the little one inside. It’s always a rollarcoaster ride but it’s so worth it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!!! And exactly… It was much harder in the beginning. Finally back to my fitness nutrition, plus extra calories. And oh yeah, an emotional roller coaster at that ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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