Me and My Fit Bit :)

Fit bit review.

I did a past review for Fitbit.

I got a new Fitbit, the smaller  Charge HR.  It’s around a inch thick. I like this one because it is the most comfortable when I workout. With free weights and machines a wider one wouldn’t bother me, but when working with resistance bands, it’s annoyed me a bit. So the Charge HR had everything I needed.

It has a continue heart rate, which was very important to me at the moment because I am pregnant!

Steps, calories burned and the distance you traveled

Floors climbs

Silent alarm, which is pretty cool to wake up to.

If you wear it to sleep, it has a auto  sleep detection, because of the no movement it starts a sleep log. Or you can manually start you sleep log of hours , how many times you woke and how restless you were thru the night.

The time is on the front. As soon as you flick your wrist up the time shows.

Any phone call, your wrist vibrates and there is caller ID

To go thru all the motions on the phone (time, heart rate, calories, steps, ect…) all you have to do is tap the watch or look at the app.

You can also set what is Most important to you to track, I have mine as heart rate and just double tap the band and it goes straight to your current heart rate.

The App also allows you to track everything and look back on track days.

It’s also like the app “my fitness pal” where you can track food intake verses calories burns/out. Track water intake , find friends and do challenges.

If your interested in a fit bit, I would highly recommend the  Fit Bit HR < (Read more about it there), it’s simple and has everything you need. Unless you would like a bigger screen, text notifications and music control, I would look iFit Bit Surgento the  . If your really feeling fancy, check out the NEWEST Fitbit that just came out called the Fit Bit Blaze ! I have no personally used that one, but I heard its getting pretty good Reviews!

The picture below, you can see my fit bit, its pretty tiny. My son picked Red for me, since its the Color of Darth Vader’s Lightsaber of course. Its a perfect size for me, on my tiny little wrist. OR Maybe I just like it because I’m A Disney World  Fanatic and it reminds me of my Magic Band!!  Either way, I wear it often, and try to beat myself at whatever goals I Beat  yesterday!!


All In all, I think fit bit is awesome at tracking calories, helping you lose your desired weight and stay on track while doing it !!


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