Tone/Build Muscle From Home-Resistance Bands

Hey guys….

I have mostly been posting about my pregnancy, And I am finally caught up to my current weeks!! I had them in my phone notes  before I realized there was a wordpress App that   I can write them in  instead lol.


A few Women have told me they want to workout during their  pregnancy, just not at a gym! Which is  Completely  understandable, Pregnant or not, not everyone is comfortable in a gym setting. Which starts me off in the Positives about Resistance Bands…

-Resistance bands can be used ANYWHERE!! Home, Outside, Vacations…They weigh almost nothing, so it probably beats lugging around a 10lb dumbbell =)

-Being able to use them anywhere, its much easier to get your workout in, 15-20 minutes here, 15-20 minutes there.

-One band can be used for all body parts

-Cheap in price, definitely no Gym Member ship Price!

-Workouts in the comfort of your own home.

-Perfect to begin your Fitness Journey or Perfect just to Tone and stay active/Strong!

For me they came in handy the first few weeks of my Pregnancy. I was able to hook them up to my door and get some activity in.

I have other gym equipment in my Basement…(Machine, bench, squat rack etc…) However, feeling like I did, some days it was hard enough to just use my  Bands, but it was easier to convince myself “hey, the door is right there, get some workouts in and you’ll will feel better”  And I always did end up feeling better and yes…I normally talk to myself  with some type of self motivation lol =)

Before I was pregnant, I incorporated the resistance loop bands to warm up and  add extra resistance to my dumbbells exercises. As soon as I found out I was Pregnant, I knew I had to order some type of resistance band set to hook up to the door , assuming the first trimester was going to be low energy and rough!  And Ohhhh It was!!!

So I searched here…. Resistance bands

You Will see the first two are Band sets and the third is The Resistance Loops.  Working out from home, You would want the set. So I search and they all look pretty similar…  I ordered these… Fitness Master Resistance Band Set    They were a few dollars cheaper, But I liked the pictures they showed on the door stopper, it seemed larger than the others.

Okay so here’s my Favorite part… 
The hooks!!

Most bands are made connected to the handle, and if wanted to add more weight, you either use two bands, Meaning  TWO handles, Not fun, or Buy another higher resistant band that actually might be to hard for you. These you can make whatever resistance you want. Different resistance for each workout!!

This set came with 5 bands

Yellow (2-4lbs)   Green (4-6 lbs.), Blue (10-12 lbs.), Black (15-20 lbs.) and Red (25-30 lbs.) Put together which ever you want!! =)

It comes with two handles, two ankle straps, door stopper and storage bag.

The picture above, The bands are anchored to the Top Of My Door…

Ex: Tricep pull downs- Straight Arm Pulldown

Middle of Door…

Ex: Chest Press-Chest Flies

Bottom of Door…

Ex: Bicep Curl-Shoulder Raise -Shoulder Press- Use ankle attachment for legs

There are tons of ways  you can experiment with to work all areas of the body!!I plan on just taking pictures of some workouts but  If you are totally lost and need more ideas/explanations  feel free to email me at



Weeks 12-13-14 (Positively Pregnant )

Phew…. I Did it. I Am All Caught up!!!

I am Currently 14 Weeks Pregnant! Baby Is measuring closer to 15 Weeks!! I am officially in my Second Trimester!!  My Past posts I put together my not so great weeks.

Weeks 12, 13 and 14 started to look up!

Week 12 I had another ultrasound and baby  looked like a baby. Compared to my first ultrasound. My son  was  not very impressed when I said  this was his little baby brother or sister. This ultrasound picture  he was way more excited and said ” Hey , there is a baby in there”    like hey… I didn’t lie!!! =)))

Within Week 12, 13 and 14 I slowly found my way back to a workout schedule.

I am VERY HAPPY about that. Not having my energy was very rough for me.  Plus I’m not the type  to nap. I can’t nap.  =/ Or sit still for that matter.

Comparing both pregnancy. I’m Glad to say My activity and Nutrition is 10 times better!!  Im beyond happy  I made the decision to completely change my lifestyle around the time my son turned 1. Getting into fitness/nutrition and becoming NASM certified was  the best thing I’ve could have done, not just physically but emotionally as well!!

Im Proud to compare this pregnancy from my last. Yes… Every Pregnancy is different.  however, My mentality is like a whole new person. It took me many years to get here and learn to fight the battles in my head since losing my mom at 16. Im lucky to have my Son and  his father. My son gave me the reason  and mind set to be the best me I could be, and his father helped me fight my battles!!


I have officially been MORE  active in my Current  14 weeks of pregnancy then my whole 40 Weeks last pregnancy!! Wow!! Nothing negative towards the women who physically CAN’T be active during pregnancy!! My last pregnancy, it was My Choice to Lay around and be lazy! Which is probably the reason I am so against ever sitting around!

Going rollerblading very often! I use to play ice hockey and roller hockey with the boys. It’s calming and relaxing to me. I can put headphones in and rollerblade for ever!! 

Bike rides and hikes 💕


Nutrition is officially back on track and controlled!! Being pregnant, I’m not as strict, considering my goal isn’t to lean down. My goal is to eat the healthiest I can for me and Baby, but also give myself a little break when needed!!  And to be honest, with having to get enough calories in for just being pregnant, but also adding working out to that… I run out of things to eat. Sometimes, a snack I wouldn’t usually reach for is the easiest! If you have questions on my nutrition , feel free to email me at

Current “BUMP” Picture…. =)

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Positively Pregnant. Weeks 8-9-10-11

Weeks 8,9,10 and 11!

Oh man!!! So I’ll just combine these last 4 weeks. 🙈
I had my 8 week appointment, all went well until I had to get blood drawn! 😱 it took everything I had not to throw up, fall over and pass out. That happened to me one other time, in a hospital/Doctor setting, when I was in the beginning of labor with my son and the nurse was trying to find a vein and pricking me for some reason. However, that was some scary stuff today, I couldn’t even think straight 😩 I’m not even sure what does it, I’m assuming i have a weak stomach and can’t handle the thought, because my last tattoo, I can handle that just fine , but the day after, rubbing the cream on it, the soreness and rawness of the skin, I was on the edge of throwing up or passing out. 🙈 I have a few more upcoming blood test, and it’s safe to say, I’m not excited to feel that way again ! Lol
I got a couple emails from other pregnant ladies(plus one trying to become pregnant) lately and I Love it, I appreciate the sharing and extra support from women in the same boat as me😊 I know us pregnant women can go google search crazy, finding other women’s experience are always more interesting in my book than just some article!!

Now on to nutrition…
These pregnancy craving are no joke, they are normal cravings, for me , but they don’t go away as easy. Plus it’s not just around that time of the month, it’s ALL MONTH! I’m a little strict on myself, but I still factor out calories throughout the day to make sure it still even its self out. Also, maybe a cookie or two pre/post workout when my sons grandma brought them.
Breakfast: oatmeal/ fruits


Lunch: protein/carbs/fat

Snack: fruits/ fats

Dinner: protein/ carbs

Snack: protein/carbs
Carbs: example

Pasta with broccoli

Sweet potato with asparagus

Red potatoes with Brussels sprouts

Oatmeal with banana

Nuts/peanut butter / avocado/ oils

Is all I can really stomach right now, I’m not a seafood person often either.😑

That’s a quick plot of my meals, maybe minus a few snacks. I can’t really give a exact meal plan I do, because being Pregnant and always nauseous, sometimes I just cant stomach the thought of certain things , like yogurt or bananas for example 😩

Let’s be real, when I have a busy day, but have to deal with all day nausea, head ache/pressure , neck tension and weak all over body feeling, I’d rather eat a sloppy joe that’s quick and easy, or if out and about stop at A&W have a date little date with the boys/boy and eat in the truck💕 however, I’m still no where near the bad habits of last pregnancy. I even out along meals with my cheat that day 👍 it’s not easy, but I’m proud that I’m doing much better then last time. I’ll stop there, still early in this pregnancy, don’t want to jinx it 😂

So the hardest part for me thee last few weeks…. Is activity!! I’m use to being 10 times more active. I like to go go go,no break and rest, but I have to repeatedly tell myself, “relax lady, your growing a human, take a 15 minute break , you won’t alway feel so overworked by doing so little ”

Compared to last pregnancy, now, doing a few workouts with weights and some resistance band training is better than doing absolutely nothing like last pregnancy.

Gotta stay moving 👍👌☺️

Ps. I am Currently  14 Weeks Pregnant, Post to come soon. Officially in my Second Trimester. And There is light at the end of the tunnel if your experiencing anything Like me.


7 Weeks Pregnant!! 

7  Weeks Pregnant...
Take 2… I can’t believe I just deleted my finished post I had in my notes!! 🙈 wow lol

(Written March 8th)

Today was my first ultrasound 😱 March 6th. Most likely not the day I post this ! Baby’s heart is beating strong at 154. I feel like I can breath and think again. My head was so cloudy, when negativity takes over my mind, I can not trust any “gut instinct ” with things like that. Fear was taking over! So I feel relieved to see the baby is on the right track, strong heart beat that I seen and heard! I’m over joyed with knowing I’m growing a tiny miracle that’s going to be apart of this family this Fall! 💕

I still have a constant feeling of nausea all day! I’m still working out, my saying is “you have to try at least” So far, my feeling of nausea goes away within the first couple minutes of my workout. Most times, it won’t come back until later in the night, some days sooner in the day. I started drinking ginger ale, which is a little difficult for me , considering I never drink soda anymore ;Takes some time getting use to, however, I definitely feel it’s helping and I can stomach it well! Even water feeling like it’s in the edge of coming right back up. Luckily, I haven’t had anything at all Come back up…yet 🤔 last pregnancy I never had the ALL DAY nausea. I just felt sick, my food came back up, and I went on feeling fine. Which, the throwing up is horrible, plus I was worried about the baby it receiving what he needed, but this time ,it’s just a sick trick all day.
Anyways… Back to workouts…

I’m on a 3 days on, 1 day off schedule.

3 day rotation of body parts

For example

Day 1:chest and triceps

Day 2: back and biceps

Day 3: shoulders and legs together

Day 4 is rest day!! Continuing on to  my 3 day rotation.

I will most likely switch it back to my normal rotation once I’m over this wonderful nausea period!
My calories are up 200 calories on non workout days and even higher in workout days like my doctor told me.
The last couple years I have learned self control, I’ve learned the difference of how I feel after meals over the limit of calories I should eat, the difference in how I feel after cheat meals vs my regular nutritious meals. I’ve worked hard to learn new habits,control cravings, and learn new ways to satisfied my cravings in healthier ways. Most importantly, I’ve learned to still live life, and be happy. If this girl wants pizza, I’ll be eating pizza. food exchange for that day plus Moderation. Food exchange meaning , I’ll tweak my breakfast, lunch and snacks fat/protein/carbs to even out my cheat meal/calories. Getting to my point, durning pregnancy, I find it ridiculous to “eat for two” and not continue my healthy eating habits for myself and the baby!! 💕

Feel free to comment or email me!!


Guiding My Son To A Healthy Future

Healthy Momma , Healthy Boy, Healthy Family, Healthy Future!!


It is very important to me to teach my child the importance of living a healthy lifestyle,  Good nutrition, staying active, and learning moderation of sweets and treats. I want him to understand  Just how Important it is to take Care of his Body!!

(Chasing each other around the park💕  “please don’t fart in Mommas face” 😂

One thing that was hardest for me thru my lifestyle change and journey was how badly  I ate with stress, happiness, sadness, good things , bad things ect…

Most Minds are familiar with having unhealthy snacks as treats and rewards. Many parents use Chocolate, candy , Cakes  as rewards for doing something good, hurting themselves, being sad, bribing them to not do something and in return they get  a treat.

Not saying rewarding kids with sweets/treats is ALWAYS BAD, But Child obesity can effect   1 in 6 kids, and As we age with those habits, the older we get,  the quicker we gain weight , it becomes that much harder to break bad habits we have been doing our whole life.

Within  the last few years, the beginning of my own Journey on changing my lifestyle(Fitness/Nutrition) wasn’t easy, it took a lot of work for me to learn moderation, healthy habits, and when to say No.

Example : I have a bad day, lots of stress, a bit of anxiety  which feeling so low , brings on a bit of depression. So my mind went right to the thought of eating. “I want tacobell!!!” Which would lead to later in the night of more snacking of Oreos or chips! My mind basically was trained into thinking , Yes Tacobell (one of my old weakness) can fix this bad day. However,  right after and the next day, left me feeling guilty for bingeing. Guilt for letting myself down.

Now don’t get me wrong at all!! I’m a food lover, candy lover, and sweet addict. I believe in it all in MODERATION! I personally wasn’t happy with those habits, after all, I had goals I was aiming toward reaching and Maintaining. So letting my eating get out of control for every bad day, situation, moment, wasn’t ideal! It took a lot of hard work to learn self control and moderation, it wasn’t easy whatsoever, but…It Can Be Done!

The big test for me  on seeing just how big of  A change I have made in my Journey is becoming Pregnant! I am currently 14 Weeks Pregnant. My last Pregnancy I ate EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, Hungry or not! I Gained a unhealthy amount  of weight.

This Pregnancy?!?! Completely different! However, it has completely  tested my limits. I haven’t been completely strict as before my pregnancy, I’m happy to officially be in my second trimester and feeling well because that was the hardest part  for making sure I ate healthy for me and baby. When you feel horrible all day, there were days when I just wanted cheese burger and cheese fries from A&W , But I learned how to control my “cravings” and how to eat certain foods in moderation and balance my day from any cheats!!

So my point being, I feel it’s important to educate my little guy young! In no way do I deprived my child of all the sweets and treats. However , I do feel it is best to teach him moderation and self control at a early age to try the best I can to steer away him from serious emotional eating like I dealt with.


Here’s a few things I do…

-Give my son extra TV time , game time, or iPad time. A few Months ago We decided we no longer needed our Direct TV, So now he can earn Netflix Time!

-Head to the store to pick out a new puzzle, my son is completely obsessed with puzzle. If you ask him, ice cream or puzzle, he will take the puzzle. My 4 year old puts together a 100 price puzzle like its nothing.

-Let him pick what we play. Whatever he wants to play, I HAVE to play, which isn’t to hard for me, considering I’m still a child when it comes to us playing. =) And trust me, sometimes I’m not even sure what we are actually playing.

-Buy a new board game. We’re a family of board games, mostly games that get him thinking, counting, and learning

-Make cookies, brownies ect… Instead of buying a box of candy, heading to the Ice Cream Isle/Shop,or buying store bought treats, let him have part in the fun and the  work it takes to make them.

-Have a sticker chart leading up to a bigger reward

-Head to the dollar store and pick something out

-Head to Party City

My son absolutely loves to fill a bucket  with items that are suppose to go into birthday party gift bag. They go from 10 cents to around $1 each. Last time he got little ninja turtle guys, batman, iron man and spider man, tiny little camera, finger skateboards, gooey slim , a whistlegold coins from Jake the pirate, goofy glasses and a few other little gadgets.

And of course he gets things like frozen yogurt , small candies from the store, Dairy Queen, things like that… but all in MODERATION.

My goal isn’t to be a strict parent, but my goal is to set a nice future Path for my son, and good habits. Is it 100% guaranteed that he will follow these habits as he ages,  I don’t know, all we can do as parents is try our best to instill the best in our children!

All parents are different of course, in no way  I saying this is the right way to raise your child into a healthy lifestyle, but this is MY way.


Women And Body Bashing- Women Bringing Women Down. 

This post is from my old blog, but it’s one of my favorites! I’ve never been the one to deal with drama, gossiping or being that mean girl who put other women down. I’ve always been that tom boy, playing sports with the boys and only have a few girlfriends that I connected with!! 
Now I’m 13 weeks pregnant, I still lift weights, however, I don’t have much lower abs any more, just the upper abdominal definition. 


Pregnant, not pregnant, women who work out , or women who don’t. Most Women all deal with the same thing….
Body Bashing and Negativity

From Men and Women!

What I don’t understand is women who bring other women down instead of empowering one a another! 

There are so many different body types out there. Curvy women, slimmer smaller ladies, ladies who  have a hard time gaining  weight, others who have a hard time losing it, and girls who  are into weightlifting that have muscles and abs.
No Matter what the type, there seems to ALWAYS be some negative comment from 1 type to the other.

“ewww  why would she want abs like that, she looks like a 12 year old boy”

“muscles make you look manly”

“Id rather have these curves then your unhealthy curves’

” how can you say you workout when your still fat”

“she so skinny its gross”

Just a few comments I’ve seen around social media from 1 woman to another.

I can tell you 1 thing that almost all women, if not all, have in common! We have insecurities, there is at least 1 thing that we are insecure about and want to change. Maybe it something like  your nose that’s not going to change with out surgery, or maybe its your weight and you are unsure on  what steps to take, or where to even start. What I DO NOT understand is why?? Why body bashing , why the hurtful comments, The media, magazines, PHOTOSHOP  already make young girls and women feel insecure, whats the point in body shamming someone else when you more then likely  feel insecure about something yourself.

One thing I have learned is, the victims in body shaming ARE NOT  only women who may be over weight, being called fat, I’ve had my share of negative comments because I do workout and I do lift weights, What do I do? I continue working out, I continue worrying about myself and my goals, because no one in life will  get YOU to where YOU Want to be. NOT everyone will see the beauty in things you do, and that’s okay, they don’t have to! As long as you love yourself and follow YOUR PATH, your in the right direction. These Negative people are going to be negative to many other things and  other people, So there is really nothing we can do, however we can Be the change, lend a helping hand when a Bully tries to bring someone down! Don’t be afraid to encourage another women. 
Bullies: Bullies  come in all shapes and sizes, bullies can be 13 or 35.  They say some bullies want to make other people feel lower and weak because that’s how the bully feels themselves.

Women should be positive towards one a another, show support and  empower each other.

Life is short, and being a bully, being negative, and saying rude things to hurt other people get you absolutely no where, and definitely wont make YOU feel better about your self!!

For any women reading this,and a couple friends that told me their battles with bullies,  You are good enough, everyone is beautiful!!



6 Weeks Pregnant!  Positively Sick. 

6 weeks pregnant!!
  6 weeks pregnant the day of my 25th birthday. Happy birthday to me!! 
My body was like 6 weeks , okay time to be extra tired and feel a permanent feeling of nausea throughout the day 😨 we went to the Doctor and was cleared to continue my workouts. Main thing is to listen to my body and to get those extra calories. 

Baby before momma always💕

I was just excited when she said to continue my workout beside some adjustments I will be making. 
So far, I wake up pretty nauseous, nothing has came back up… Yet 😑 but I do give my self a extra push to at least try and workout. And so far, my personal experience, within a few minutes of my workout . I feel better, and the sick feeling won’t come back until later in the night. Last pregnancy, if I woke up feeling like that , I’d be done for the day, snack all day, watch tv, and nap. Which is completely out of the the question now and completely out of character. 

I will continue to give myself that little much needed push. Only You know your body and your limits. 

So don’t be afraid to at least try. You’ll know if it’s just not working lol at least you can say you tried right ?! 
I really do feel for those women who don’t have home gym/workout equipment! My things are just in the basement and man… To get motivated just to walk down stairs is rough. I can’t imagine a sick or tired pregnant women pushing her self to the gym!! 
I’ll definitely be doing a post about home equipment and the benefits of having those. Even when not pregnant 👌👍
Besides that. 

Workouts are fairly the same. 

Nutrition is the same as previous post!

Email me: or comment 💕