Why you Should Join As An Advocare Preferred Customer

A lot of People would love to try Advocare. However, People always ask how they can get Advocare Cheaper.  I know the Challenge being almost 200$ scares people. I personally have Had great results with the 24 Day Challenge after I had my Second Child. It is exactly what I needed to help give me that extra push and extra Motivation to get back on my Fitness Journey. It Is really the decision in investing in yourself. Which Everyone deserves to “Treat yo self ” (Can never get that out of my head after watching Parks and Recs on Netflix=)

BUT… I have Awesome News.

Advocare Gives you the opportunity to be a  Preferred Customer.  WHAAAAT! (Too Much Minions=)

What Exactly does that even mean for you right?

Preferred Customer BENEFITS are…


  • An immediate 20% product discount that can increase up to 30%
  • A Preferred Customer Welcome Gift
  • The option to convert to a Distributor at any time
  • A Total Satisfaction Guarantee

An Immediate 20% off… So Now your 24 Day Challenge will be under $180

UNDER $180 For 6 Different Products. THAT IS INCLUDING TAX AND SHIPPING. On top of that, you get everything else the 24 day challenge has to offer. ( Meal plans, grocery guides, etc.) And Of course, with the discount you can buy ANYTHING, Not only the 24 Day Challenge.

Sign up to be a Preferred Customer Today Here

If your want more information on the 24 Day Challenge, My Results and Advocare products, in general I have a few post you can look back on.

Advocare 24 Day Challenge. Day 1-24. (Meal Planning, Recipes, Grocery Guide, Results.)

Fat Burn, Muscle Building, and Recovery

Not In The Mood-Fitness

Also you can decide to upgrade to a Distributor(which is what I am) at anytime. So that may be something you want to think about if you enjoy helping people make huge lifestyle changes and also be able to make an income from home or as an extra thing on the side.


Whether you just want to be a customer, Think about signing up, Or even being a distributor with your own Website. Please Contact me anytime with questions. My goal is to help find what works best for you!  You can contact me here   Contact me And I can help you every step of the way.



Shop Advocare Here

Advocare Distributors in Ohio

Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist




Advocare 24 Day Challenge. Day 1-24. (Meal Planning, Recipes, Grocery Guide, Results.)

24 Day Challenge
I want to begin with sharing my personal 24 day challenge results. I have talked a lot about the 24 days challenge and different Advocare products on my blog, so I wanted to share my experience with you a little more in depth.
I’m  ALWAYS taking progress pictures. My phone is full of my kids, and progress pictures. I take so many belly pictures, but NEVER post any. With being a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, I admit, I can definitely still be a bit shy!  So here I am being BRAVE and sharing  my Day 1 picture of my 24 day challenge and my last day! So Day 24 was ABOUT my 1 Month Postpartum Progress from having my 2nd Human =)

I was extremely happy with my 24 day challenge results. Of course in addition to working out and Nutrition. Unfortunately, I did fall of a track a bit after this picture. Our Baby girl was having issues with food intolerance and reflux. Which meant no sleep, A lot of stress and quick fast comfort food.

advocare 24 day challege, weight loss, postpartum, how to lose baby belly, weight loss tricks,

So this picture is flipped. Day 24 is first, and day 1 is the last picture. SAME PANTS. I was very happy comparing these two. I didn’t think I would make so much progress so soon after having my little human =)


So what does the 24 day challenge have to offer ? Let Go Over Popular Questions I get Asked…

What do I eat on the 24 Day challenge ?

Nutrition is Number 1. It Is definitely The most important. SO to really help you are and get you started on the right track,  you are provided with Advocare meal planning and grocery guide. The Advocare recipes are amazing. All kinds of meals and snacks to make and try. (Don’t worry, there’s not only two recipes, It’s just cropped)

When do I take everything?

I Know it can be a lot  and a bit overwhelming , but Worry no more! Its Super Easy . You get a calendar for day 1-24. It tells you what to take each day, and when to take it. Morning/afternoon/Night. It a whole 24 Day Challenge guide to a fitter more healthier YOU!!

Easy peasy! Everything is completely laid out and planned for you. Also… I almost Forgot , There is a Advocare 24 Day Challenge App, Which is super Convenient!

You can easily buy the 24 Day Challenge bundle here. That way you don’t have to search around for each product. The Website already has Everything in a bundle. All you have to do is Pick Flavors!
Contacting me?

Signing up to do the challenge with me, I can offer one on one coaching. I know some  people that like to have their privacy and do it on their own, And I understand that 100%. I’m one of those people that LOVES to share good things, help people succeed,. Even the smallest things, I get so excited and TELL EVERYONE lol. In this case, it is Advocare and I’m extremely execited to share my postpartum(24 days after having my Daughter) success. That being said, I’m excited to help you gain the confidence I did with helping you succeed with The 24 Day Challenge As well.  So please feel free to contact me

Email: missguinta9@gmail.com


Contact me on my site > Contact

How to Sign up With Advocare? Read all the different way you can be apart of Advocare. or just simple sign up as a retail customer and make your order.

If your interested in receiving a 20-30% Discount right now… Here’s an offer for you =) Read my Most Recent post…

Why you Should Join As An Advocare Preferred Customer


Retail Customer
Enjoy the Power of the Products as Just an AdvoCare Retail Customer

Preferred Customer
Take advantage of the 20 – 30% discount on AdvoCare products by becoming an AdvoCare Preferred Customer

Buy AdvoCare products at a 20 – 40% discount, sell them and earn profit

Enjoy product discounts at 40% and gain access to all 5 ways to earn income with AdvoCare

Up to date now.
postpartum progress, how to lose belly fat fast, how to lose baby belly, advocare for cheap, weight loss tips
I am still using Advocare. I’m Currently writing a new post about moving beyond the 24 day challenge on to day 25. That will be linked soon! =)

Other Popular Questions Plus Complaints…

Advocare Complaint… Is Advocare a Scam? … Does Advocare really work?

I always think these are silly questions. Advocare has been nothing but great to me, Advocare’s customers service is always so helpful and polite. As far a  scam… As with anything in life… The amount of effort you put in, is exactly what you will get out. Hard work come with great reward!
Thank you so much for reading. I’m hoping I gave enough detail… If not… Contact me anytime =)

Looking for Protein, Pre-Workout, Or Recovery Check out my last Post

Fat Burn, Muscle Building, and Recovery

I Know I talk a lot about AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge and weight loss/fat burning Products because, yes, they are awesome and I had great results with them after my 2nd pregnancy(6 Months Postpartum yesterday)

NOW I want to share  AdvoCare’s Performance Elite Series.

I Know it can be confusing on what to get, and what some products even do.

So… hopefully this give you a good idea for a few products to get you started

advocare elite review pre workout, postpartum, fitness, burn fat fast, build muscle

Pre-Workout -Arginine Extreme-    Take 30 Minutes before Workout

Protein – Muscle Gain-  -Three types of protein  which digest at different rates, Take After Workout

-Rehydrate Gel-  Take this During your workout

-Night Time Recovery-  End the day with a nighttime recovery to combat stress that you put on your body and muscles to and make your way to a quicker recovery.

Performance Elite

-Gives you energy

-Aid In muscle Growth


-Strength, Performance, and Stamina

Signing up and Ordering With Advocare

Whether you want to become a product user, take advantage of the discounts or engage in the business opportunity, AdvoCare can help change your life.

Sign Up Retail Customer
Enjoy the Power of the Products as an AdvoCare Retail Customer

Preferred Customer
Take advantage of the 20 – 30% discount on AdvoCare products by becoming an AdvoCare Preferred Customer

Buy AdvoCare products at a 20 – 40% discount, sell them and earn profit

Enjoy product discounts at 40% and gain access to all 5 ways to earn income with AdvoCare



Not In The Mood-Fitness

Not In the mood for fitness?!
Let’s take it to reality…Mood is Everything in life. A negative Nancy gets nothing done.
I want to talk about how Mood and Stress will affect your weight loss and fitness goals.
Mood and Stress can effect your motivation, determination, and willpower.


Your mood can effect how you eat(appetite), hormones, how you hold on to fat. It can just completely knock you of your tracks.

Me Being 6 months postpartum, I’ve had my fair shares of emotions. I deal with a lot of anxiety, and excessive worrying. I’m not the type to take any prescription medication, So I want to share 2 of my favorite Natural mood boosters.

Clear Mood

– Helps brighten mood from the occasional blues

-Provides nutritional support for relaxation

-Facilitates neural cell function by providing important neurotransmitters to help lower effects of occasional stress, nervousness and worry.

– 5-HTP, is vital for the production of serotonin necessary for the nervous system
Order or read more about Clear Mood here

-Helps COMBAT occasional stressful environments

-Helps bring balance back to your life by combining the nutritional benefit of adaptogens, berry extracts and B vitamins.

-Helps increase and maintain energy(caffeine free source of energy)

-These are my go to once they come in individual packs to take on the go.
Order and read more about Oasis here!
Don’t let your mood take you off your path so easily! Put up a Fight and try these!


Clear Mood



Signing up and Ordering With Advocare

Whether you want to become a product user, take advantage of the discounts or engage in the business opportunity, AdvoCare can help change your life.

Sign Up Retail Customer
Enjoy the Power of the Products as an AdvoCare Retail Customer

Preferred Customer
Take advantage of the 20 – 30% discount on AdvoCare products by becoming an AdvoCare Preferred Customer

Buy AdvoCare products at a 20 – 40% discount, sell them and earn profit

Enjoy product discounts at 40% and gain access to all 5 ways to earn income with AdvoCare


Thanks for Reading

Recent post

For The Women Who Want To Get Toned And Postpartum With Advocare 


For The Women Who Want To Get Toned

How can I get a “toned body” as a female?

What are some “toning excoriates ?”
Lift Weights.
When some women think of Weightlifting  they think “yeah, no thanks, I don’t want to get HUGE”

So first things first, you WILL NOT get huge and you will not look Manly. No Lie.


Think of someone like Dwayne Johnson, he’s probably in the gym doing bicep curls with a stack of children, or Vin Diesel, he’s most likely shoulder pressing a car, or a Mini Van with a Family of 4 inside. On top of that, they are probably swallowing their food in packages, still in the box.
On the serious side…A woman who wants to get “toned” will NEED to lift weights. Cardio will not tone you. Cardio is good for you, cardio gets the heart pumping and you will burn fat, however, you won’t get that tight toned arm/body that you are looking for.

The top picture is 2013. Don’t mind me completely terrifying my child with a giant fish at Disney. I just started really working out around that time. I was learning, so there was lots of trial and error.

I was doing upper body for the beggining of my workout, then finishing with 30-40 minutes cardio. I was eating low carbs and high protein. Me with low carbs is like dealing with a toddler going through the terrible 2’s!

I had the right idea, but that wasn’t  what I was happy with. I was aiming to be a stronger verizon of myself!

The bottom picture, my son wasn’t even a year yet, and my workout was cardio…. with CARDIO… with a side of horribly boring cardio. I was what they refer to as “skinny fat” I had no shape really which is why I started to learn all about fitness.

The pictures above is when I finally started to find “my groove” I was lifting heavy. I was eating A LOT more. I had a split schedule and if my workout ended with any cardio, it was about 10-15 minutes.
So if your looking to get that “toned look” don’t be afraid to pick up a weight.

Soon after I figured out the perfect path for me, I was Making good progress, reaching my goals, and then We decided on having another baby…

I am currently on my second post baby fitness journey. My daughter is almost 6 months old and I’m feeling pretty good about my path and progress so far.


For the past 6 months I have been Working with and taking Advocare. I started with the 24 day challenge, had great results!  They have a ton of other products besides the 24 day challenge.

I just started a “Friday Favorites” On my Instagram to share my currents and favorite products!

Ill list a few Below to give you an Idea =)

Carb Ease Plus – Helps reduce the absorption and breakdown of carbohydrates and fats

ThermoPLUS – Supports the body’s ability to convert fat into energy,Promotes a healthy metabolism, and,Helps promote appetite control


And of course…

Spark – Help with mental focus, energy, Never gives me the jitters or a crash, And I’m pretty caffeine sensitive. Plus ITS SUGAR FREE, which is a huge plus. I like to get the individual packets (which is the link I Shared if you click) for easy on the go. Just pour it right in your bottle.


You can check out all products here at my shop > Crystal’s Online Advocare Shop

Or click any of the purple links to bring to directly to that supplement Directly.

If your interested in doing 1 on 1 coaching with me, Contact me on my Advocare shop, or email me at missguinta9@gmaill.com

Signing up and Ordering With Advocare

Whether you want to become a product user, take advantage of the discounts or engage in the business opportunity, AdvoCare can help change your life.

Sign Up Retail Customer
Enjoy the Power of the Products as an AdvoCare Retail Customer

Preferred Customer
Take advantage of the 20 – 30% discount on AdvoCare products by becoming an AdvoCare Preferred Customer

Buy AdvoCare products at a 20 – 40% discount, sell them and earn profit

Enjoy product discounts at 40% and gain access to all 5 ways to earn income with AdvoCare


Thanks for reading! =)

While you’re here check out… Postpartum With Advocare  and 24 Day Challenge


NASM/Personal Trainer Certified/ Fitness Nutrition Specialist



First Pregnancy Vs. Fit Pregnancy

First Pregnancy VS Fit Pregnancy
I’m so excited to be able to post and say our baby girl is here! She was born November 4th, early morning 1 AM!
Being pregnant for 41 weeks and a couple days, the last couple weeks I was convinced I just might be pregnant forever lol obviously that is not realistic, but every pregnant momma knows that last month countdown feels like a year!
In the beginning of the year when we made the decision to have a second baby, it was very important to me to continue my fitness lifestyle throughout it and I was pretty excited to see if being fit before and throughout my pregnancy would make any difference compared to my first!
Pregnancy number 1: The  picture below  was at my baby shower which was around 35 weeks !! 

-Very little activity

-Sleep sleep sleep

-Fast food/fried foods/candies

-Always tired

-Huge swollen feet

-Starting weight 118

-Ending 185
I had to be induced with both Babies!  I was hoping to go into labor naturally this time, but apparently my body just does not want to let go of these babies!!

Labor and recovery with pregnancy #1
One reason I waited so long to have baby number 2 is because I had a hard time pushing him out. I pushed as hard as I could, screamed I couldn’t do it. I was completely exhausted , out of breath and quickly out of energy. I didn’t feel strong enough, my pushes seemed like they were doing nothing. It wasn’t a horrible delivery, but I definitely didn’t feel confident enough that I would want to go through it again any time soon! Pushing time was over 30 minutes, I constantly had to stop and take a break.
Recovery: We stayed in the hospital for 3 night the first time. I was so sore, stuck in bed throughout Aydens first night. My feet were HUGE like elephant feet, I couldn’t balance to walk and they hurt so bad! =[ they stayed pretty swollen for over two weeks!
Pregnancy Number 2: My Fit Pregnancy
This whole pregnancy I stayed really active. I started out with my regular workout routine and as the weeks went on, I made modifications. By the last month, I was only working out 2 days a week otherwise I would feel to burned out to do everything else I had to do. My feet still got a little swollen, but only at night, luckily not all day! Being pregnant, of course I had my cravings, but the past couple years of working out , I’ve learned moderation and I’m proud to say I was able to stick to it during my pregnancy!
Pre pregnancy weight was 132

End weight was 160.

Most of my weight was water, muscle and baby.
Labor and recovery:

I was induced November 3rd. Medicine started at 2pm.

Baby girl arrive late night early morning 1:57 am, obviously making that November 4th! =]
I started feeling pressure, they called my doctor, he came a few minutes later and we started pushing! Less then 10 minutes later… baby girl was laying on her momma! 💕

This labor I felt so strong, I wasn’t out of breath. Each push I felt my abs tighten and no push was wasted! I took my breath in, pushed, took my breath in and pushed and continued that until she was out! Compared to last delivery, I had tons of energy, imagine if I was able to drink a pre-workout before I had to push lol On a serious note, It was just an amazing experience and I feel very blessed and lucky!
I got to hold her for an hour or so before they weighed and cleaned her. Within the hour, after the nurses helped me with all the “fun stuff” I was up walking around. They kept yelling at me saying I have to have them help me walk to the bathroom a couple times to make sure I’m okay! Lol

So we stayed up with the baby all Friday morning, went and picked up Ayden around 9am to meet his sister. Ayden stayed that night with us and we all left Saturday at 9am.

This momma was so ready to get home! So I stayed from Thursday afternoon when the medicine started, stayed the full day Friday and left Saturday morning! I still had my swollen feet, considering I was full of IV fluids, but definitely not nearly as big and I was able to move around on them! Luckily within  the next 2 days they were gone and I was able to see my boney feet again!
My baby girl will be 2 Weeks tomorrow and I feel amazing! I definitely feel being fit before and during personally helped make my pregnancy and delivery so great this time around. I’m very blessed and thankful to have had a low risk pregnancy and an overall great experience!!

Here’s one of my Pre pregnancy progress pictures

Unfortunately, being super busy , This was my last picture I took while pregnant!! At 38 weeks… by the time I got induced I already started losing weight!

Momma and baby!!

As I get back on my regular workout routine.

I will still be using Advocare.

Some of my favorite products… all are a perfect addition and prove pretty awesome results !! 

Meal Replacement shake   << I use this for Extra Calories, I don’t Replace a meal

Crave Check




Email me at Missguinta9@gmail.com if  you need help with what products are best for your goals!!


You can check out my articles on certain products and the 24 day challenge


Here> 24 Day Challenge


Here> Advocare Review- Weight Loss, Muscle Building, And Overall Health

I’m extremely excited to see what goals I can reach this time being a mom of 2! I will start to post progress pictures, nutrition and workouts so make sure you follow =]

DIY: Baby Girl Nursery

Today I am officially 38 Weeks Pregnant and The Nursery is Basically done.  I can finally share some pictures. There’s a few ins and outs and extras I have to Add, but if she wanted to come today, she could….. Please do =)

So here is a Before picture. As some of you read already, we just recently moved  around the end  of August. Been Pretty Stressed  with only 2  months to get everything done and ready!

Before: Painted then took out the  Carpet!

So I wanted to go with a Free Spirit , Indian Tribe, Pocahontas kind of theme.

I came up with a design on paper that just wasn’t working out while we tried to tape it on the wall. I ended up with this…

diy-wall-design-with-tapeDecided on Colors… and PAINTED

nursery-wall-design-idea-paintedI was pretty happy with how this came out… to be honest, I had soo many ideas for her room, it was pretty difficult to pick and put things together. Poor Matt,  dealing with all of my jumbled ideas in this brain of mine.

Read my recent post on my Pallet Signs for her nursery  here >>> DIY Home Decor: Pallet Sign


When I found out I was having a girl, I found this Toy Bow and Right away I new I needed this for her room. My plan was to have her name shooting out of the Bow with Arrows.

So I made a arrow on paper, traced it on cardboard, and cut them out with a jigsaw!

diy-arrowAdded a Little Glitter with Glue

glitter-arrowLuckily I Only needed 3  for her name lol


3 Arrows and a Bump! =)

I spray painted the Bow White, added a pink Sting and put her name above her crib!! =)

arrow-wall-baby-girl-nursery-idea-diy-wall-decor I still have a few things to do and get. Like a Rug, Crib skirt, other blankets ect… but I really wanted to share what I have so far Just in case I go into labor early and wont have time for a few weeks.


Stay posted!! Ill be posting  about the Tee Pees on the wall, the  Tee Pee and Refinished bookshelf  SOON!!

All in all, I’m so happy with how her room came out. All the projects we did makes her room that much special instead of us just going out and buying things. Plus, I could never find exactly what I want at the store anyhow!! =)

Thanks for reading!!